Responsibility.....are we really owning up to our actions?

United States
September 7, 2009 6:04am CST
Life these days seems to take the responsibility out of being human. I'm not trying to be negative, but it seems that we can do pretty much anything we like and then get away with it. Even the justice system lets us get away with crimes that are committed if we do something nice for them. What do you think? One thing that has really caught my attention is this idea of abortion when one of the parents isn't ready. Now, first off, let me say, I am pro-abortion. I do think the woman has a right to choose what happens to her baby. On the flip side, I am also pro-life. Yea, I know, not always a winner with that one. I believe that the baby deserves a chance at life. But if the parents are drug addicts and are going to dump the baby in an alley after birth, by all means, abortion is its best bet. But if parents are ready to do the deed but not step up to the plate after conception, where is the accountability? Is it really abortion that is the problem, or is it that we don't push prevention enough? Is it because society has not taken its place and educating our children properly? Is it the parents fault for not talking about it because its a "private" subject? Who is responsible? Are we not owning up to our responsibility as a society? Tell me what you think
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@picjim (3003)
• India
7 Sep 09
I don't think we as individuals take responsibility for our actions.if we did we wouldn't be on the position we are today.I once was doing a masters degree in law and my colleague was a policeman.The policeman once told me in confidence that if the law were to be implemented strictly then 98% of the people would in prison due to some minor infringement of law leading to a position where the prisons would be full and the justice system would come to a breaking point.Coming back to the topic on abortion the parents should be given a choice whether to bring the child into this world or not and once they decide to do so it is imperative on their part that they have to do their best to provide physical,emotional and material comforts to the child so that the child has a chance to do well in this world.Both the individual and society should work in harmony to ensure that individual and group goals are fulfilled.