Are You Fit?

September 7, 2009 8:37am CST
This is a trivial question and many of us like to remain fit and healthy. Do you think you are fit? If yes, how do you feel being fit and what are the measures being taken by you to stay fit. If you feel that you are not fit, are you worried about that? I'd like to be fit always and take enough measures to remain fit. I dont like to be called by others as weak and I cannot bear that. So friends how do you feel you are? Are you fit or weak?
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• Philippines
6 May 10
yes i am fit. i always run and exercise everyday. i also eat good and healthy foods. i also take some supplements. i eat more than 3x a day. and sleep at least 8 hours a day.
@DCLehnsherr (1042)
7 Sep 09
Hi Vin, I am probably quite fit, though less I think than the past. Recently I have started to settle down and spend more time online, but in the past I used to spend most of my time walking or being active in a way that just wasn't healthy for me. These days I tend to do most of my working out with weights to build muscle, and I think going by feelings alone, I am quite strong now, stronger than the past. I tend to watch what I eat, and make sure that I only do what my mind and body are happy with. Being too active has in the past really damaged both my mind and body, and so I am cautious about what I do. But on the whole I think that I could still be classed as fit, though I do prefer to class myself as 'strong' lol All the best, Dranz
@merlinsorca (1123)
• United States
7 Sep 09
No, I'm definitely not fit. I'm too weak and scrawny. I need more fat and muscle and stuff like that.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
7 Sep 09
I can't say that I am fully fit, infact I say I am kind of fit. I am really working hard to become really fit. My husband is coming to spend Christmas with me and my family and tak me to the place where he works. I am planning to give him a suprise and working hard towards it. I told to my driver not to come to pick me up from office. I am walking to home for 20 minutes in the evenings.