Do you know Donnie Yen(zhen zi dan),a famous Kung Fu star?

September 7, 2009 8:59am CST
Do you like chinese Kung Fu movies?If you like,you must know Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,Jet Li,three famous Kung Fu stars.But do you know Donnie Yen who is Kung Fu actor of chinese?He was borned on GuangDong,china.11 years old,he immigrate to USA wiht his mother.The little boy exercised Kung Fu every day and learned from his mother that she is a famous Kung Fu master.In 1984, he acted the first Kung Fu movie,Drunked Tai Chi directed by Yuen Woo Ping.I like him,because he shows actual Kung Fu in his movies.I advise you to see his new movie,Ye Wen.You can see real actual Kung Fu.
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• China
13 Sep 09
Hello davidland...yes, i'm also fond of Kungfu movies.Donnie Yen is now the best actor who can show actual Kungfu.His new film Ye Wen is very exciting.Do you know who Ye Wen is? He is the master of Bruce Lee. When Bruce Lee lived in HongKong,he learned Kungfu from Ye Wen.Then maybe Swordsman,which is the great Kungfu movie in history,will attract you strongly.
• China
16 Sep 09
I know Ye Wen of course.He is a great Wing Chun master.
@victorywp (3526)
• Malaysia
8 Apr 10
yeah, donnie yen! very nice! i think these recent/coming years are the peak of his work as a martial artist. althought he is already 47 as of the year 2010, but he is still so strong and fast. i respond very late here, so his new movie ye wen 2 or ip man 2 (instead of your recommendation for ye wen or ip man) will be up at the end of this month, april 2010. if there are any chances, i would like to see donnie work together with the uprising star called tony jaa (from thailand). that would be superb!
• China
14 Mar 10
Yes,of course. When i was a young girl,i watch Chinese Kung Fu movies with my father.My father likes them very much,and he influnces me,so i like them too.And i think Bruce Lee was a man of unusual character.
• China
12 Sep 09
I think no one knows,I haven't seen a lot of Donnie Yen movies in the States