the fantastic air Jordan 2009

South Africa
September 7, 2009 9:35am CST
The Air Jordan 2009 is the most recent edition for the Air Jordan series. It was introduced into the market on January 31st 2009 and was designed by the famous sports wear designer- Jason Mayden. At the onset of the release of the latest Air Jordan sport wear ,only 2009 pairs were released in the whole of United States{ 1005 for United States’ market and 1004 pairs for international market}. The Air Jordan 2009 edition looks very much like the Air Jordan 14 but its design incorporates the latest technology in sports footwear technology. The shoe itself was inspired by ‘fencing” { a computer game technology that incorporates armed combat techniques that involve cutting, stabbing and the likes}. Fencing technology inspiration ensures that Air Jordan 2009 is the best and most up-to-date sports footwear you can get anywhere. On the top of the Air Jordan 2009 shoe is a green-blue coloured diamond which makes it more fascinating and classy. The retail special edition of the shoe costs around $230 while the retail price for regular models stands at around $130. The Air Jordan 2009 shoe has been worn by notable stars and sports men alike including rapper –Jadakiss who made several stage performances with it, the shoe has also became the trademark of Team Jordan Athletes
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