to love or be loved?

United States
September 7, 2009 2:25pm CST
For the most parts, i believe a relationship is uneven; you can hardly ever find a balanced relationship. It's either he/she loves you more or you love him/her more. As for me, i can definitely say that i love my bf more than he loves me. So whenever we get into an argument, i complain (most of my girl friends does the same things i do). I hope that by complaining i would win the argument and that he would comfort me by sweet-talking. BUT NO!!! that's not the case. Instead, he thinks that im childish and unreasonable. ...And sometimes it just gets to the point that I wanted to break up with him, but don't have the courage to because i was afraid of losing him. How come loving someone is so painful? If you only have a choice between to love someone or to be loved by someone, which would you choose?
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@Masssko (239)
• Estonia
7 Sep 09
Hi! I used to have similar situation. Now i know, that being loved is nothing comparing to love someone. My ex-boyfriend used to love me much more than I did. This was painful for both of us. I was feeling that I'm hurting his feelings with my indifference, he was torturing me with his permanent jealousy. i just run away one day of all this problems. Now I really love my soul mate. he appreciates this and loves me also. I don't know whether I love him more, or he does. That's not so important, important is to share Your feeling and make the loved one really happy. Good luck to You!