Do u think non-vegetarianism is inhuman?

September 7, 2009 5:05pm CST
Personally i don't have a strong opinion like that as i prefer eating non-veg food ocassionally, though i most of the times stick to vegetarian diet. I have friends who feel that non-vegetarianism is cynical as encourages killing of animals. is there is a justification at all, for non-vegetarianism? Do u eat non-veg but stil think that its a sin? off late i've been considering my friends words and kinda disliking non-veg food? but i don wannna give up non-veg and turn vegetarian and then decide to go bk to non-vegnsm again. m kinda having mixed feelings abt give up on non-veg food, lol.
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@UmiNoor (3535)
• Malaysia
8 Sep 09
So if you say meat eaters are inhuman, what about vegetarians. Are they vegetarians because they love animals and hate vegetables? Vegetables are living organisms too.
@Lindalinda (4112)
• Canada
7 Sep 09
I don't think non-vegetarianism is inhuman. Early people on this earth were both hunters and gatherers. Also the structure of our teeth shows that people are omnivourous. We are made to eat both meat and vegetables. Myself, I eat mostly vegetarian foods. But in order to stay healthy and have a balanced diet it takes a lot of preparation and shopping. So I do eat meat, fish and eggs also but not in large quantities. I also find if I don't eat any meat at all for a few weeks I get this insane craving for meat. I try to avoid pork, lamb and most beef but I find chicken and fish satisfy me when I feel I need to eat some meat.