How important is it to you to fulfill your promise?

kept the promise important - kept the promise
@jen14ed (868)
September 7, 2009 8:30pm CST
how important is it to you to fulfill your promise? have you ever regretted one you kept?
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@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
8 Sep 09
before i was very serious about my promises and people believed what ever i said with the promises but now its changed. many a times a got caught as i never wanted to reveal many things but not promising made the truthness out of me. so, once i broke my promise and actually felt very relaxed and good so now my promises are like 70-30 % going. 70 %truth and 30 %false promises.
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• China
8 Sep 09
In my opinion, promise is very important. And I never make a promise easily, but if I do, I will try me best to keep it. I think it concerns man's credit and fame. But how poor that I also had the experience to break promise for my poor momery. And I was so regret about it and apologized to related persons. I think I must to do this. And I don't like those who always make a promise easily and randomly, but always forget it quickly.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
8 Sep 09
Fulfilling a promise is very important to me. If I do not fulfil a promise, then it only means that I have no respect for myself, I am insulting myself. The other person trusted me so much that he took a promise from me. Now, if I fail in fulfillinf the promise, I will only be letting down that innocent person.
• Philippines
8 Sep 09
it is really really important for me to fulfill my promise. i don't want people's trust on me to be broken. likewise, i expect people to keep their promises made to me. no regrets for keeping a promise. in the first place, i don't want to make a promise that i cannot keep. trust is every important in our dealing with other people. it molds u as a person.