would you like to swim ?

September 7, 2009 11:17pm CST
swimming makes a healthy body and a high because the body build muscle,srength endurance and breathing became irregular,swimming every day a fun thing,the body feels more fresh for the next activity day
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@adinata (106)
• Indonesia
8 Sep 09
I like swimming. When I was 12 years old I had a extra school lessons the swim. During my junior high school, 3 years, I regularly swim every week. I think the swim was very enjoyable. In addition to swim healthy can also make your body higher. This is because when we swam that means we're moving all the muscles in our body are, imagine how healthy. We need not to tired for jogging or cycling.Anyway basically I really like the water, because I think it could be a refreshing waters of our skin, especially for areas such as the hot weather in my country. With my swimming as temporary escape from the heat of the weather in my country. But unfortunately after I graduated from high school, I very rarely even almost never swim again. In addition because there is no friend to whom to swim, when I was also very little because of busy with school work. Perhaps the holidays I had to force my friends to go swim. Hahaha
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• China
8 Sep 09
I would like to swim if the weather is better. As you say , swimming can make us better health and to female it is really a good way to lose weight. But now my hometown is rainning, the temperature is low, I am afraid I can only swim in summer. By the way , I respect the people who swim in the winter.
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@elenyae (390)
• Australia
8 Sep 09
I hate swimming, mainly because I live in terror of drowning. Also, hair gets really grotty after swimming in a chlorinated pool; and yes, I know I know, I wash it afterwards...but I'm pretty sure all the chlorine is damaging it. I especially hate swimming in the ocean because I think I'll get caught in a rip and be dragged out to open water where I'll become food for the sharks and other aquatic nasties. And yes...I think I've watched Jaws too many times. xP
@prinzcy (5055)
• Malaysia
8 Sep 09
Yes, you're right. Swimming is a very good exercise and a good way to burn your calories. If I can swim, I might do that too. Unfortunately, I sink faster than a rock. I did try learning but it's no avail. I better stay firm on the dry land instead of trying to float in the wet world.
• Philippines
8 Sep 09
I Like to swim but i wouldn't know how to swim !