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September 8, 2009 2:21am CST
Dear myloters how do you choose your user name. I have noted that people dont use their original name. After looking at varius user name i have also not used my name.So why is it so? Plese share
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@neededhope (1086)
• United States
8 Sep 09
I think we choose are usernames for something different fresh or just something that we enjoy. Myself the reason I choose this name is because I'm always in Need of Hope. Hope of are future Hope of are lives. So I'm truly always in Needed Hope :)
@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
8 Sep 09
It's a user name that I've been using for years. It supposed to be spell as 'prinzcess' but it sound too girlish. Then my friend used nickname 'prinze'. I got inspiration from that and change it to 'prinzcy' It has no meaning but since I used for quite a time, I already attach to it. I did used other nick in some other forum but I used this nick the most.
@med889 (5958)
8 Sep 09
I have my name followed by my favorite numbers so I prefer to give them as it is, This name which I have chosen is infact in every of my sites I use and I like it though.
• India
8 Sep 09
i also use my real name following a number which is my roll number in the class.
8 Sep 09
I chose my username as I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. I also use the username elsewhere too.