Type of guy

September 8, 2009 5:26am CST
What type of guy you want to get married? your family will choose your life partner or you will choose? answer this question to be honest
3 responses
@med889 (5958)
8 Sep 09
I have already chosen someone to be my partner and we are together for more than three years now. My family is against our love because he is of a different religion so this is completely out of my subject to leave the man just because of religion which we both do no believe in this, we believe in humanity and not addicted to religion so We will wait till my dad says Yes finally and I think he will too after some more years I think.
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
8 Sep 09
A tough question indeed. I think my family would think of me better than my self. I will give the chance to my family to choose for me the guy who they say is better to be my life partner. Living in a rural area, parents are given the important position in these matters while the girl or guy have to sit without a question of even meeting or seeing each other.
@KaraKATAD (246)
• Philippines
8 Sep 09
I think that I would like the type of guy who is funny, confident, caring, and intelligent. I do care for looks, but they're only secondary. I know from experience that looks are just on the exterior, and if you date someone for looks it's a completely downhill journey. I would probably choose my partner, but with the consent of my family. I care very much if my family likes my partner, but I think it's more important that I love him and that we make a good couple. I would wait for 2-3 years before actually considering a person for marriage though, because you never know how much a person can change in that time.