Okay, this is where I need help

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September 8, 2009 6:39am CST
I signed up for this site thinking someday I was going to need it when my RA started getting worse.and now I have signed up for other sites as well getting ready to stay home and work on computer,AND DICOVERED I REALLY, REALLY don't know what I'm doing! I don't know how to blog, could barely find my way around to post on this site(some other site said my post got sent to hell)!! SO if I did this right, I'm going to shoot this out and ask mylotter's to please help a newbie find her way to earn money for bills on the computer..All I can offer is my sincere gratitude....
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@tdemex (3545)
• United States
8 Sep 09
RA? I think you should slow down, seems your trying to do to much at once? you should take the time to learn each site you join as thoroughly as possible. This way you don't clutter your brain! You then can delete them as you go! Otherwise you will drive yourself nuts. Mylot is a great site! As you learn it you'll make friends and learn the latest sites that pay well and which ones will rip you off! You aren't going to get rich here but you will make cash as long as you stick with it! I've been here a while and make decent cash! The longer your here the more you can make daly because you learn the ropes! Try to make friends here don't do posts until you get some friends and learn what is what here! Take your time! If you don't like to type you might as well pack it in! I wish you all the Luck in the world here! Be sure to respond to all the people that respond to you here! The longer the response the more you make! Thank you. is not a good rsponse! tdemex
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9 Sep 09
See, now, that's the problem- Can't really slow down NOW..Winter is coming, I have really fragile bones and stiff joints, horribly afraid of slipping and falling on the ice I don't see any choice but to find something I can do at home soon...and the reason it's the computer is because son came home from college and installed one-and even if he takes it away, the public library is only a block away. They salt really well at public places..I DON"T want to fall at the job I'm at now where everybody knows me, everybody talks,etc-It would just be embarrassing, just like using a cane is going to be- No, I think I really want to leave...cynthia