Which is the best?

@manigp (25)
September 8, 2009 9:11am CST
Hi I just got an idea while reading a discussion here, to start a new discussion on managing the cash. my question how we can manage the cash,just carrying the full cash in wallet or just carrying the cards in the wallet. Which is the best?
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@satyabs15 (119)
• United States
9 Sep 09
Hi mani, It is always good to have some money as cash even though we carry credit card. We cant use Credit card in all the places. At that time we should have cash to buy. so my opinion is to have some minimum amount of cash whenever we go out.
• India
8 Sep 09
Many people manage money in many different ways. Some deposit in banks, pig me, F D, mutual funds, ULIP's and many different ways. I always carry with me the required amount of cash. I never carry in excess as i fear that i will spend more than required. I always hide money here and there that is in pants, CPU, and drawer.
• China
8 Sep 09
Hello Mylot friend.In normal times,I just take a little bit cash in my pocket.When I am going out for a traveling,I think I will carrying the cards and cash in my wallet.No matter where I am,I always keeping cash in my pocket.After all the card is not useful sometimes. Thank you!
• India
8 Sep 09
Hi manigp. How r u..? That depends upon how much money you will be in need when you go out in a particular occasions. When u go for shopping you should have sufficient amount according to your purchasing program. In such occasions if you carry debit or credit cards unnecessarily you will have to spend further time waiting for the completion of the course of payment ; and some time they will charge service charges also. Cards could be conveniently used only if you are on tour to some other places where you make purchases and meet other expenses. Nowadays every where ATMs are available where we can get cash from cards and make payment. In my opinion rather than showing cards, paying cash is convenient and time consuming. One thing while keeping hot cash in your wallet you must be careful and be beware of pickpockets. Thank you for the opportunity. BEST OF LUCK