Health Care Reform

United States
September 8, 2009 4:19pm CST
So I've spent most of my life struggling to keep fit. I jog or walk daily with the minimum distance being 2 miles. I work out with weights, I try to watch what I eat but I've got a problem. I have a family history of heart disease and had my first heart attack and by pass surgery when I was 50. I'm lucky enough to have health care insurance through my wife's work but when she retires we will have no insurance. I work 12 hour shifts that rotate every two weeks and this is bad for a person's health because your body isn't made to change so often. My medication is to be taken at certian times each day to coinside with the body's natural cycles. Unfortunatly my work schedule doesn't allow my body to have natural cycles. Today I read where Pres. Obama's health care plan is going to be forced upon everyone and if you don't have insurance and don't sign on for his program you are then going to be subject to fines up to $3800.00 per year. I don't make enough money to pay any insurance premiums let alone a large fine for not having it. I don't think this is the "change" in government we all voted you?
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