I cant find one of my friends has this ever happened to you?

@apples99 (6562)
United States
September 8, 2009 7:06pm CST
OK I was just looking for one of my mylot friends, and I could not find them and I looked, and looked through my friends list and I dont see them, well after post this I'll look agin just in case they changed there avatar pic. Anyway have you ever had trouble finding a friend on your list?
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@Humbug25 (12551)
10 Sep 09
Hi ya apples99 Sure this has happened to me. I was looking and looking because I wanted to send her a recipe via a pm and couldn't find her. She really wasn't there after looking for about half an hour or so. A few days later I got a friend request from her. I am not sure what happened, she must have deleted me, hopefully by accident, I didn't ask, I should have shouldn't I?
• Regina, Saskatchewan
9 Sep 09
People disappear off my list all the time. But then, my memory is so bad that I don't really notice! LOL They usually find ME again though.........
@AmbiePam (50950)
• United States
9 Sep 09
Yes, once. And it turned out she had deleted me from her friend list (we aren't notified when someone deletes us). Today I still don't know why. However, about a year after she deleted me from her list, she requested my friendship once again. I accepted. I don't know why she deleted me, but since I had no problem with her, I accepted her friendship request and once again she's on my list.