What kind of camera do you have and what type of pics do you like to make ???

September 9, 2009 2:40am CST
Hello all! I'm new here so i thought of starting something. I'm a hobby photographer and love to take pictures. I bet there are thousands here who share my interest :) So lets talk about what you guys like about photography and you actually started it... :) I started off with a Sony T-33 about 5 years ago. I would take lots of pics and really lots of them. I would go everywhere with my camera. I would go out for walks with my camera and take pics here and there of trees, flowers, insects, roads and everything possible. I learned a lot of stuff with that cam. The basics like angle, framing, light control, background and so on... When i came to Germany about 3 years ago, i bought me a Pentax DSLR and jumped in the real fun. Wow, it is fun. I have done party pics, landscapes, portriats, some weddings and so on. Now, i like doing landscapesl, portraits and some art stuff. Its real fun. I would like to hear your story also.. Happy Shooting :)
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