r u afraid of othere?

September 9, 2009 4:00am CST
some people have habbit of feeling afraid of others. how many of u have same habbit?
2 responses
• Philippines
9 Sep 09
why should i be afraid of other people? i should only be afraid of others if i did something wrong to any of them. as long as i am doing what is right and as long as i don't step on other people's toes, i continue to live a fear-free life and brave enough to face anyone.
• China
9 Sep 09
I don't know if it's a common phenomena,fortunately I don't afraid of others.But faced with strangers,I would rather have such a consciousness of protecting myself.Generally ,I'm not an open-minded person to talk with people so easily.But with people I'm familiar it's easy for us to talk without any constraints. Probably you are afraid of others while you are a child,since you grow up,there is no need to be afraid of others,just face it normally.