What are you thinking before you fall asleep?

September 9, 2009 4:23am CST
do i want it or not i allways think "dont think enything dont think enything, so you coud fall asleep" Then i laugh at myself thinking like that..lol Its allways hard to fall asleep for me, when million ideas going trough my head..
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@Masssko (239)
• Estonia
9 Sep 09
Hi! I used to think of the previous day and things I have done during that. Sometimes it made me too exited or depressed, so I recently stopped thinking like that. Now I usually recall the most memorable dream I had the last night and try to imagine, how could it end up, if I wasn't waked up with my alarm clock. Usually it helps me to relax and fall asleep fast. If I had a nightmare the day before (which happens with me from time to time), I try to imagine, what would I like to see in my dream today. Indeed I never see in my dreams what I have planned before, but it helps me to clear my thoughts and calm my mind. Sweet dreams to all of you!
• Philippines
9 Sep 09
well, i think of activities to be done the next day at work. i try to check if i had prepared things to be brought to the office so that i can readily go in a flash the following morning.
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@prinzcy (5055)
• Malaysia
9 Sep 09
A lot of thing. What I'll do tomorrow, what have I done today. What am I planning for the time being. I do think a lot. Before I can think more, I already sweep away into the dreamland. I do have a few ideas suddenly appear in my mind but as I fall asleep later on, I forget them when I wake up the next day.