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September 9, 2009 8:39am CST
Now we are young,we have more time.Most time we take on playing.little people want to take time on,here,i want to tell everyone that,reading is a good thing,and is very important in our life,becanse reading can bring happy to us.
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@wolf2999 (213)
• China
10 Sep 09
Internet age,people reading pictures more than reading text.Because the picture is more easily be accepted,more direct.Take a book,reading it on the balcony like a long time ago already.Suggested read more books,of course is good,at least be bale to protect the eyes.Front of a computer all day,radiation is too serious.
@lawana_f (327)
• United States
9 Sep 09
Reading to me is like seeing a movie in my head. I also taught my daughters t see the movies in their heads when they read. They are grown now and all of them (3 girls) love reading. After they started school in Dallas, Texas it was homework to read at least 15 minutes every day. There was a fight with my middle child until she reached fourth grade and I had tried everything I knew to try. I would buy any book that I thought might catch her interest. Finally I ran across a series about teenagers in the health field. They teenagers were volunteers in emergency medical settings from EMS to aids in the ER. After that the only problem I had was getting ahold of the books. I had to special order them from a small book store on the other side of the city, as no one else carried them. (Note: She is now and RN and EMT and works at both, ER and accidents are her favorite things to work.) It is interesting to hear her talk about being in a car with a trapped person until the jaws of life or other tools can get them out. Unlike many parents by the time my children were in the fifth grade they got to read almost anything they wanted form Grishom, to Louis Lamour, to christian romances, and hunting magizines. If I had kept them reading at their grade level they would have been bored silly. If you can get your children to read you are handing them the world. My daughter are in their 20's now and they are well traveled (no we did/do not have much money), and interested in a large variety of different events and subjects. My children are thriving successful independent women who enjoy their work as much as they enjoy their families. There is the RN/EMT, and a teacher and a full time wife/mother who will be a part time student soon. As you can tell I am so proud of them.