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September 9, 2009 2:11pm CST
Lately I have been getting into the survey thing then I lost interest and now I'm starting back up again. I find it hard to keep tabs on what sites I have where. I bookmark them and still I have a list full of them. I might just start all over again. It gets so frustrating at times! I just had to vent for a bit. Sorry
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18 Sep 09
I'm still doing them despite the frustrations. There are days when I qualify for at least 3-4 surveys and days when there is not even one. Anyway, this is a hobby of mine to make some extra money instead of watching TV in my spare time. Like you, I have used only 1 email address and the same pw for all the sites and have written down all the sites to which I am a member.
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9 Sep 09
I know what you mean. I have a problem keeping up with what i am doing as well. I hhave one email addy too. I forget where i am going sometimes. I have a few i go to everyday but its mylot and gather. Wish i could remember them all. But my mind is playing tricks on me i think.