Surprise on the first day of school.

September 9, 2009 3:58pm CST
Today was the first day of grade ten for me. All the grade tens gathered at their home room to pick up handouts and their agenda's. When our homeroom went to get our photo's taken I took a look at all the new clothes and shoes people got over the summer. I looked down to the person beside me (kind of an old friend) and took a look at his shoes. To my surprise they were the exact same shoes. Our shoes were Nike's and a large selection of Nike's look similar but they were the exact same model, the exact same color. There was no difference between our shoes they were probably the same size too. He got his shoes in Minneapolis and I got mine in San Francisco. Every time I walk by him today I looked at his shoes, then my shoes (which surprisingly happened a lot). Someone else I knew had the same shirt as her friend. It's not as bad for people wearing the same shirt because it's gone the next day, and even if they still both decide to wear the shirts it's not as likely they will wear it the same day. With my shoes, I'll wear them everyday. They are also quite expensive shoes. I'm honestly not that upset with it but I found it very concidential, but he said he'll go buy new shoes (kind of jokingly but seemed like he probably will). Well what do the people of myLot think of this first day of school story? Has anything like this happened to you? or are there any events that as unlikely as it would seem still happened. If you want to please share those stories with me. Happy first day of school to who ever it applies to.
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9 Sep 09
once i wore a duster to school it was so cute, but i saw like 11 girls with it on. i took it off i was so mad