Will you leave your bf/gf in exchange for a work abroad?

@annierose (18955)
September 10, 2009 2:04am CST
As of our hard life nowadays, I can say that I learn how to be more practical. If ever having an opportunity abroad will improves our way of living, then I think that I can sacrifice being apart from my boyfriend. It might be not that easy but for me, if we are really meant to be, then no matter what happen, in the end, it will still be us. How about you? What will you do if opportunity abroad knocks on you. Will you leave your bf or gf?
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@udnisak (610)
• Australia
13 Sep 09
the answer is no. if i love her why should i leave the country.. i might marry her and then leave.. but is she wants to leave. well it is her choice.....
@misisbau (317)
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
I probably would, if I was younger. Now that I am older, I am inclined more towards love, emotional stability and family more than financial gain. I only live once, I don't want to spend it working abroad alone with no family and partner.
@SuzyLong (775)
10 Sep 09
I think it depends on how long you have been together because i've been with my fiancee for 8 and a half years now and if something that amazing came along, i'd do whatever i could to take him with me and if i couldn't, i wouldn't want to go. it's easy to say that if it's meant to be then it will work out but what if it is meant to be and by leaving him behind, you end up losing that? one of my friends had a boyfriend when she went off to college but because it was so far away, she hardly ever saw him and the relationship ended. last time i saw her, she said that she wished she'd sorted out private accommadation at college so he could go with her as she now regrets the break up. he's already with someone else now but she hates herself for doing it. i'm not saying that they would of stayed together forever but they broke up 3 years ago and she's still regreting it.
@Shebang (244)
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
Exactly. Do not be worried leaving a boyfriend behind if you go abroad. If he becomes your husband, until then you should be extra careful with your choices. (^_^)