do u respont to every answer u get in ur post

September 10, 2009 4:43am CST
hey guys is it necessary to response every answer u get on ur post?? i find it too hard...
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• Philippines
10 Sep 09
Yes i do and it's called commenting. I always make it a point to comment back to a member to make them feel that their responses are being appreciated and to show to them that you really are curious for the things that they impart us. I am not after the number of responses but the thought and quality they give when responding to my discussions. I am trying hard to learn from others and to give them the attention that they deserve.
• India
10 Sep 09
so nice of u!!
• United Kingdom
11 Sep 09
I think that if you create a discussion then it's important that you respond to every single response that you receive as this is a polite thing to do. If you did not respond to your responses then it would be as though you were ignoring those that responded to you. I know that it can be difficult if you create a discussion and you get so many responses that you cannot keep up but I manage it. This is what I do. If I create a discussion and I receive say twenty to thirty responses I will reply to say ten of them and I will continue the next day. By doing this you ensure that your discussions will always receive some good responses as fellow my lotters will know that you make the effort to reply at all times. Good luck. Andrew
@delkar (1716)
• Romania
11 Sep 09
I don`t know if it`s necessary to answer to each post, but i`m trying to do that, but i never do that from the begining to the end. I just can`t do that, because where i have a lot of answers, there are some that i really can`t find my words to comment their post . It`s hard for me to make a comment in my head and write it down , if from the first reading i don`t have all the comment in my head. I really am so bored when i read some posts, or discusions, and i can`t create a comment in my head , and when that`s happenning, i just came in the next day , and i`m trying to be more concentrated than the day before that day .
@mermaidivy (15410)
• United States
10 Sep 09
I mostly do respond to all the responses that I get in my own discussions because those are usually respontive responses, I only don't like to respond back to the those that don't make any sense or just say Yes or No - those are really annoying and I would rather don't get those responses.