do we miss having an all rounder ( batsman who can bowl medium pace)?

September 10, 2009 6:20am CST
hi friends.tomorrow we will be seeing indian team in action after a long time .no sehwag,no zaheer and no gambhir atleast for the first match but ok.we can do well. saw a match yesterday featuring our fielding coach robin singh.he did bowl well in that match and immediately thought if we have anyone who an do the same. first thought dada but he is retired. next irfan but he is more bowler than a batsman. ocourse mahi can bowl medium pace but he wont give up his gloves that easily. sachin is presently not intrested in medium pace either. lets take a scenario.we usually go with 3 pacer and one main spinner with the part timers filling up the reminaing 10 overs. lets say one of the pace bowler got hurt and leave the field without bowling any ball. now we have 2 pacers ,1 spinner and 20 overs of part time spin. ok still not bad since we got yuvi,raina,rohit,yusuf to fill those overs. but there is a small problem. the pacers r supposed to bowl the power play after the first powerplay,only 5 over of pace remains and the batting powerplay was taken from 25 to 29 they will finish their quotas before the 30 overs. so how can part timers supposed to keep the runs in check in the final overs? thats where a medium pacer will help. not talking about someone like razzak or kallis or flintoff. someone like ravi bopara or collingwood is more than enough. what do you think?
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• New Zealand
13 May 10
The Indian team is definitely missing an a bowling all rounder who can bowl medium pace. The last consistent of that kind I heard was in the form of Kapil Dev and over the years, almost none has came close to his style. Irfan looked great at the start of his career. He was one of those who can bowl 140+ pace and score a quick 50 on any format of the game but, unfortunately, things have turned around for him as nowadays, we hardly see him bowl even 130+, let alone 140+. I think there are a lot of young talents in India who can be discovered if a serious search has been made.
@madhuvamsi (1185)
• India
12 Oct 09
Well friend, I understand what you had said about our Indian team bowling department. Irfan Pathan is out of team because of his bowling not because of his batting, actually he improved his batting a lot. Yousuf Pathan is not part time spinner in my view, he is all rounder but the problem is he is not able to take his role very seriously. Ajit Agarkar was taken into team in hope that he will become a allrounder but it did not happen and same is the case with Irafan Pathan. Most of Saurav Ganguly career he was not keen in bowling, he bowled when he was not captain of Indian team. Now I will talk about promising all rounders who should take both their bowling and batting seriously are Yuva raj Singh, Sehwag, Raina and Yousuf Pathan. If these guys can bowl some 15 overs of tight spell can help the team a lot. Generally captain puts a defense fields to these bowlers when they come to bowl. This is will allow the opponent team to take easy singles.. Some other promising all rounders are Abhishek Nayar, Virat Kohli,Praveen Kumar, Manish Pandey, Piyush Chawla, Amit Mishra and Irfan Pathan. Indian team management should take care of the flaws which Irfan is making and bring back his lost confidences that is enough to make him good swing bowler. One more thing is that I do not think Sehwag and Yousuf Pathan are part time bowlers, they have lot of bowling skills and they have to take both bowling and batting very seriously then India will have good spinners but both off spinners. Harbhajan Singh too has to concentrate more on his batting, he can bat very well but some little techincial changes needed to make him good batsman.. Let us see if selectors seriously think about these players or not..
@asweetie (1188)
• India
21 Sep 09
hi stardust, A batsman who can bowl is a very important thing to the site. Take steve waugh for instance, he was a ok batsman , though he didnt have much skills as a bats man but he would always stick to wickets and would score lots of runs too despite lack of technique. His importance to side increased many folds because he was part time medium pacer who would help team when things went wrong. Also remember 1983 Indian team, we had lots of batsman who could bowl like Mohinder amarnath and it did help team a lot and india win world cup. In this team only there is Tendulkar whom i have not seen bowling medium pacer for a long long time..ok we got yuvraj, raina and yusuf pathan who wuld bowl spin, and team lacks balance when all would bowl spin. So it is a must that we have a good batsman who can bowl medium pacer, though he may not have great bowling skills but who can bowl accurate to give rest to fast bowlers and if someone goes for runs to complete his quota of overs.
@killersss (639)
• India
21 Sep 09
yes, we really miss someone who could bowl around 90-95miles an hour, there's no one that could bowl at such speeds. and we really miss an all-rounder. i think pathan is good but not so good as bowler, to make him bat well, indian team has suffered his bowling and he's a good batsman now than a bowler.
@ppatole (34)
• India
16 Sep 09
We are need of such an all-rounder since ages. This remembers me of Shane Watson of Australia. He bowls very crafty and he bowles very shrewdly too. I really like him for what he is. India surely miss someone like this guy. India has someone like Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh who can do much with the bat rather than the bowl. They are no medium pacers, but have the ability to take wickets as we occassionly see. So, I think, they can be groomed because, they are still young and have a long way to go before they hang their boots.
@madhuvamsi (1185)
• India
15 Sep 09
In my view India should concentrate more on players like Abhishek Nayar, Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli(Must bowl more). Captain Dhoni has to frequently try them and see how they bowl, he should not try these players in subcontinent more. Dhoni should try these players in good bowling friendly pitches. Irfan Pathan got enough chances in international cricket but his bowling is very pathetic and I would like to see him bowl with more intensity. Yuvi is already good bowler but India cannot depend on spinners like Yousuf Pathan, Suresh Raina, Sehwag and Sachin. Yousuf Pathan is having potentiality of becoming great all rounder but he is still wanting in batting and his bowling is fine but not outstanding.. So, he too has to show more intensity if not he too will be dropped from the team like his brother.. Our pace bowlers are very disappointing these days Ishant Sharma and Ashish Nehra, RP singh, Praveen Kumar,etc are easily been hit for sixes and fours. I feel these bowlers are not learning the tricks which the bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad have. India has to look into bowling department more, Zaheer and Harbhajan are only bowlers who are showing more consistence then other bowlers.. Praveen Kumar has potentiality of becoming all rounder but he too bat so badly one day and on other day he will hit for sixes and fours.. So, he is very inconsistent and selectors have to see more players who have all round skills and give them chance.. I will blame the pitches in India which is not allowing India to find good pace bowlers and all rounders who bowl medium pace..
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
11 Sep 09
well yes my friend. we do have a strong line up with good batsmen and bowlers. but we do need a very good all rounder. it is very important for a team to have a player like this who can bat well and also bowl well and that also at a consistent basis. like the legendary kapil dev. i dont think we ever got any all rounder as good as him and we want something close to him. it make a very nice balance for the team. Irfan pathan has the quality but then he was spoiled by the mad coach Greg Chappel. He was told to do so much that in the end he was not sure whether he should bat or bowl. If you see talent, then you groom his according to the needs.
@geebobuk (135)
10 Sep 09
Although I am not Indian, I am English, I feel I am able to comment on your needs for an all rounder. I think to some degree India have always been a little weaker in the bowling department. The batting line up has always been fantastic with the likes of Sachin, Sehwag, Ganguly and Dravid. I expected Irfan Pathan to become more of a batsman than a bowler but it does not seem to be the case. What about Yuvraj, is he not classed as a medium pacer who is more of a batsman?In the current England versus Australia one day series, the batting powerplay has been taken much further on in the innings than many have expected. Perhaps India should experiment with that to see whether it helps in keeping the run rate down.