sugar water kefir

@shmeedia (1045)
September 10, 2009 2:57pm CST
kefir seems to be a rare topic here at mylot...but even worse, is that the whole internet doesn't have much info on this specific type of kefir that i'm searching for info about. it isn't the typical milk type kefir. it's made with only water and sugar (sometimes refered to as tibi and tibicos), and can be turned into many invigorating, refreshing and healthy beverages. these are much better for people who hate dairy products like i do! i have perfected the production of gingerbeer, and a few nice lightly alcoholized drinks, as well as some sweet bubbly summertime thirst-quenchers. right now my fridge is soooo full of kefir, i think i have 12 bottles of different strengths and flavor variations! :) yes, water and sugar-produced, but you can also add things like herbs, citrus, dried fruits such as raisins etc. i want to swap info, stories, and especially recipes with other water-kefir nuts!
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