Whats up with CELEBRITIES ?

United States
September 10, 2009 6:13pm CST
Why do most celebs(which is the MAJORITY) date other celebs? ,and sometimes it's other celebs (leftover ex's!!) Like for example Singer Nivea used to date Lil wayne and later they broke up , then nivea moved on to The Dream, then THEY broke up. Christina Milian used to date Nick Cannon, and then later they broke up , and later on Christina hooked up with THE DREAM which was Nivea'S ex.Then Nick Cannon goes out with Mariah Carey(which is another celeb) while christina millian gets closer and closer in relationship to the dream, and now they just got Married and she is Pregnant already, and I swear they only have been dating for a few months.Now Nivea is pregnant with lil Waynes baby. Also lil wayne has a kid with Toya, AND THE LOVE TRIANGLE GOES ON, he also dated farrah franklin which was a former member of destiny's child, and he dated rapper trina SO Many celebs keep switching between eachothers ex's and so and , and so on. You hardly every seeing a celeb date a regular person(whos not famous or in the industry).
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