Porscher Girl Gory Car accident leaked on the Internet.....

September 11, 2009 4:23am CST
This is very disturbing how powerful internet have becomes..I just read an article about the car accident which killed a teenage girl named as Nikki Catsouras also known as the Porsche Girl. Why is she called a Porshe Girl? This is a very fateful incident happen in which her dead photos leak on the internet and now a hot topics among blogger. Nikki Catsouras was just 18 years old last Halloween when she took her father’s Porsche without permission and while driving 100 miles an hour clipped another car, lost control and slammed into a cement tollbooth. She was killed instantly. The CHP leaked the accident pictures and the parents are suing. This show how powerful the internet now days have becomes, a pictures send secretly from cops to their friends resulting in the widespread of the gory incident. link:http://nikkicatsouras.net/ http://www.mawesadobo.info/nikki-catsouras-car-crash-photos/ If you are a parents or a loved ones and this happen to one of your loved ones..How would you reacts from insensitive comments? Should websites be allowed to display the graphic pictures of Nikki Catsouras? Please share your thoughts on this matter?