Studying in groups, how effective is it?

Trinidad And Tobago
September 11, 2009 8:14am CST
A lot of people tout group study as the best way of learning, but how effective do people who have studied in a group think it is? I have studied in groups before and find that I cannot always agree with the group's strategy. There are people of varying levels of knowledge in the group. There are those who contribute and those who take and there are those who share. I was in a particular assigned group for a Management project, the tasks were assigned out within the group, several members in the group never completed their task and some of us had additional tasks to complete because it was a single mark for the group. We felt it was unfair at the end because we got an -A and they got the same grade with little or no effort. I think that groups are only effective if the people in the group, are similarly motivated and then the end result would reflect the correct ability of the persons. I am a teaam player but think that team member who do not try to contribute should be left out. If you try but is not correct I don't mind but lack of effort bothers me. So is the group as strong as its weakes link or does a group provide waves for surfers, so they have to make no effort.
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19 Sep 09
I agree with you. It's not fair for group member who hasn't done anything finally got the same result as us, who theorically have done every single thing. But however, that was the challenge of working as a group. In a group, there must be members with different ability, and also with different knowledge, as you wrote above. But the aim of working as a group is also teach whoever 'beneath' us (academically). Based on my experiences, working as a group was not as effective as we work alone. The temptation to chat each other, talking something which is not important is higher. =)
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
I agree that studying in group is effective. You can share a lot of ideas. Beneficial for each one. It enhances your critical thinking. You can express your perceptions.
@morange (92)
• Nepal
12 Sep 09
I say studying in group is far more better than sudying alone cause after all many problems can be solved..many students will have many views and among that we can choose the best one..but in individual there may be many problems which s/he cannot solve...he may have to refer to many books which is a difficult process..there is a disadvantage in studying group that is there will be lack of concentration to study.. but it can solve the problems..
@cbakin20 (151)
• United States
11 Sep 09
Because groups are so different, it is impossible to say that groups are ALWAYS the best way to study. I could never agree with that. The important thing, when studying in groups, is to find a group of people who are just as motivated and at the same level as you. If you are all the same there will be little arguing about when to study and how to proceed. You will always find it easy to move forward and make progress. Also, it is a good idea not to have people that you are very close friends with in the group because it will usually make you unable to focus.