corn: a source of good health?

September 11, 2009 11:35am CST
Being in an asian country, our everyday food is rice. it gives you energy for it provides carbohydrates. i heard in other countries like africa, they eat corn as an everyday food. it is compared to rice for the asians. i heard it gives africans a stronger body and stronger muscles because of the corn. is that really true? will corn produce more good satisfying results? if not, then is it better to eat rice? or bread?
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@marguicha (100403)
• Chile
11 Sep 09
Staple food differs depending what can be grown easily in different places. Corn is a plant from America. Wheat grew in Europe. Rice was originally form Asia. I belong originally to a potato culture (South America. But now, with globalization, we can have all that, as long as we have money to buy it. I like to eat one source of carbohidrates one day and another the next day. They all have different small other ingredients that will make a better balanced meal. And if I mix them, I can eat a lot less and not get overweight.
11 Sep 09
ohh..that's a good thought. maybe different staple foods make a huge difference in how humans get their nutrients as well as maybe it can affect your body: either by height or muscle structure.
@sredith (239)
• United States
11 Sep 09
I can't even think of corn being a healthy food, it can't be digested fully! It grosses me out to even think of it.
11 Sep 09
well some people take it as their staple food. maybe it could provide more nutrients than other staple foods.
• China
11 Sep 09
I think it's true that corn is a source of good health.It's said by a research from Germany that among all the staple food,corn is of the highest nutrition,which contains vitamins 5 to 10 times as much as rice and wheat.The substance in corns can prevent us from cancer and heart disease.So as an Asian,we should eat more corns to be stonger.