Should weed be legalized?

United States
September 11, 2009 2:34pm CST
I think that it should. If it can be legalized for medical puposes why not completely? The benefits far out weigh the negative effects. It would help the economy since 85% of the world does or has smoked weed. They can tax it. It can be monitored better if given the same laws as alcohol since you would have to be carded in order to purchase. Tabacoo and alcohol kill hundreds of thousands every year. Perscrition drugs as well. Yet, these things are legal. Although, weed has probaly killed in it's time there are no reports of it. I guess if it was found out that marijuana could cure some of the deseases that would put these big drug companies out of business. Since you can grow this plant in your backyard. If it wasn't for racial issues it would be legal. It's a shame that the government can use drugs to fund wars but locks up thousands of non-violent drug offenders. Holland has the right idea by decriminalizing all natural drugs. I hate to catagorize weed as a drug I just can't think of a better word. lol. Anything that you don't have to add anything to is not a drug. Drugs are chemical. I definitely don't think all drugs should be legal, but weed is a non violent herbal substance. people used to say it was a "gateway drug". That is a falsehood. If someone tries other drugs it's because they choose to. That's their own mental decision. I know because I'm a smoker and I know plenty of other smokers and none of us has gotten hooked on any other drug. Hopefully one day our government will get with it and legalize marijuana.
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@bmuchler (442)
• United States
22 Sep 09
I think it should be. Or at least for medical purposes. I have heard it helps with pain in terminally ill and cancer patients. There are worse things out there including prescription medications. Weed is natural. What better way to go.