Have you ever seen an octopus?

September 12, 2009 6:02am CST
Last morning I was snorkeling again in the nearby sea, the corals and the reefs are beautiful. Many fish are there too, unbelieveble. I swam to the steep and could see the collection of fish. Because I snorkeled alone, I was reminded not to far from the reef. So as I know I was at the blue area of the sea, I swam as fast as could to reach the reef. I was so relief seeing the fish and everything. Once I was swimming to the land, I saw under me a sea snake. I knew that sea snake had very strong poison but it cannot bite my skin easily also. But still feeling of fear existed. And then I reach the jeti of a resort and then took my breath again before return to my place. Finally I went into the sea again and began my journey home. I swam on the shallow area, not even a meter. Suddenly the coral below me moved. I was surprised. I tried to find out what's going on. I first foudn nothing. But then I saw something like octopus leg moving. It was octopus because when the water was clear I could see the head. I was afraid and curious. I found on the book that Octopus is a dangerous animal at the sea. But my curiousity took over me. I streched my hand and touch the head with my finger. The octopus camuflage with the reef. Because it felt bothering then it moved in ambush and shot the ink. I was so surprised but because it was just as big as my palm so I swam chasing it again. I found nothing because the water was unclear with the mud. Then I swam again and met another octopus, this time I just pursued it and try to catch. when it the leg touched my skin, I was so tickled. Then I let it go. The very first time I play with the octopus. I hope tomorrow I can meet one again. Have you ever seen any octopus when you snorkel? What did you do? Are you curious as I was?
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