Bereavement and Greed

September 12, 2009 6:28am CST
When I lost my dear mum over a year ago, I not only had to cope with the intense grief of losing her, but I had to cope with all the grudges and greed from certain members of her side of the family. This left me hurt and wondering how people can be so heartless when someone has lost their mum. They actually tried to get all my mum's jewellery and claimed she didn't want me to have any. Incidentally, my mum was a very outspoken woman and made her views clear, so I know these people are being untruthful about my mum's wishes. She warned me about them often enough. I won't be speaking to them again. I am quite a sensitive person and this has truly shocked me and plays on my mind frequently even now. I was wondering if anyone has experience of the same thing. It actually helps me to hear other people's stories.
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@mrbranan (1012)
• United States
12 Sep 09
First of all I am sorry to hear about your mother. I have seen this when my uncle passed away. It was like his family had no consideration for my aunt. They had been married for over 25 years and it was like she didn't matter at all. His side of the family hardly has anything to do with her at all even though she need help in getting around and paying her bills. She has a illness that causes her to have to use a cane just to walk and she will get worse as the years go by. Everyone acted like they cared and would help her until my uncle was gone but now they hardly even see her.
12 Sep 09
I do feel for your aunt. I didn't mention my poor old dad but, just like your aunt, he has been ignored by my mum's side of the family and I think this is outrageous considering they all know how close him and my mum were. They were together 46 years. I noticed the same two-faced attitude as well. People turned against us the very day my mum lost consciousness. I suppose you and I are lucky enough to have hearts so this behaviour seems so shocking to us. I really appreciated your response, thank you.