Do you really need medicine to control your high blood pressure?

September 12, 2009 7:51am CST
One day i see a program about hypertension.A herbalist doctor with hypertension have not had medicine and now he is 90 years old.He control his blood pressure by walking on cobblestone,do tai chi and knead tai chong point.Do you really need medicine to control your high blood pressure?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Oct 10
Well for depression, medicines are not solution. Do Meditation, try breathing exercise, it will help you balance and handle depression.
@vironet (25)
• United States
4 May 10
I have high blood pressure now, due to it running in my family. I don't really need to see a doctor, considering exercise combined with diet can fix a majority of people with high blood pressure. It is getting the motivation that is the hard part. I get the motivation to work out, then I lose it after a few months. I get it back in 4 or 5 months and start the cycle all over again. I don't think most people need medicine, unless they are in bad enough shape that they cannot workout.
@anuramn (240)
• India
24 Oct 09
I too had high blood pressure at the time of my pregnancy. However, with control in food, you definitely can control blood pressure. I'm now not taking any medicines for high blood pressure.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
17 Oct 09
This is an interesting discussion and I am sure that a lot of people out there suffer from high blood pressure,and I an sure that some of those are on high blood pressure medicine,and myself personally I have high blood pressure,as do both of my parents which is probably why I have it,I do not think you need medicine for it,but my parents and the doctor disagree,and I would love nothing more than to stop taking my medicine but my parents and the doctor tell me I can not because it would affect my health and that if it gets to bad it could kill me,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals,and Happy Posting.
@joygracia (1328)
• Philippines
14 Oct 09
It really depends on a particular person. If she/he is old then definitely commonly they would need to have a maintenance for their hypertension and most young people who have already have hypertension can cope up with it so they may just take medicines for their hypertension when they are in such high blood pressure.
@XperImenT (117)
• Canada
13 Oct 09
it depends how high your blood pressure is...if it is in the dangerous zone as in over 160/100..then you need to get on medication ASAP because that kinda blood pressure is very damaging to the body..if the blood pressure is moderately elevated then a combination of diet and exercise can most likely fix the problem
@babyish13 (228)
• Philippines
12 Oct 09
not really, found another alternative. reflexology will help.
@shilley (157)
• India
12 Oct 09
Yes,Hypertension can be controlled without medicines also.Just few important things have to be practised and included in routine life.Firstly one should follow a proper diet like reducing the salt intake,proper exercise,most importantly one should learn to be calm so go for meditation,balance to stay calm and relaxed,learn to speak politely.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
22 Sep 09
This really depends on the doctor and your condition. I was diagnose as borderline awhile back, and my doctor at that time solution was to reduce my fat intake, lose a few pounds, reduce salt intake and exercise. I must say it work. The problem I encountered was every time I had a stressful situation it shot up. I was advise by my new doctor to take a prescription to control. It is the lowest dose possible. I usually use half a tablet. My doctor states since blood pressure is so unpredictable it is better to take it.
@mrakobesie (1246)
• United States
14 Sep 09
there are herbs that would lower blood pressure with minimum or no side effects. I personally love how flax seeds work, they stabilize blood pressure and donts drop it beyond normal BP. most medications for BP can drop it too much, so you end up with hypotension instead of hypertemsion, flax seeds don't do that. Flax seeds would actually help in the lond turm treatment too and the only side effect is younger looking skin, perfectly good functioning pancreas (very good for peopel with diabetes), good digestion (helps peopel with stomach ulcers) and much much more. I've studied traditional medicine and the side effects of traditional blood pressure medication, i would never take them, they can kill you in more then one way.
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
You should first consult a doctor if you need to take medication to control your high blood pressure. To control your blood pressure you should control your diet, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. If you are overweight, try to loss weight. Exercise regularly also helps control your BP i think that is the reason why the herbalist got to the age of 90 and with controlled BP.
• China
12 Sep 09
i think we do not really need the medchine to control the high blood pressure,we can control it by many ways,such as by a good and regular diet,or through the psychology,you know it is very helpful...happy mylotting