Cannibalism: The Ancient Taboo in Modern Times I just want to share this article

September 12, 2009 12:11pm CST
Do you people eat human bodies? I just want to share this from a blog I read. --The guy entered a native village and pointed to a quantity of meat, spitted upon long skewers, being smoke-dried over numerous smoldering fires. A native man said yes and asked the guy if he is. And a few minutes later, the chieftain of the village came forward with an offering, which consisted of large and generous portions of flesh, only too obviously of human origin. He seemed genuinely disappointed when the guy refused.-- Historically shrouded in mystery, myth, symbolism, fear and speculation, cannibalism remains in most cultures one of the ultimate taboos. There's a book called "The Man-Eating Myth" the first known account of cannibalism came following an expedition to the West Indies, led by Christopher Columbus. Columbus and his crew supposedly discovered that the Carib West Indies tribe participated in a particularly gruesome practice of ritualistically eating the flesh of other humans. I heard that Cannibalism is also a practice that reaches across centuries and cultures that they considered atrocious and sacrilegious, whereas in another culture that it is a sacred and revered custom. Can you believe that? Eating your own flesh is a form of sacred sacrifice? There are numbers of movies, books, and even on television are about cannibalism. For me, its the most scariest and freakiest type of practice by human.
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