Are all women womanly?

September 12, 2009 2:20pm CST
Do you think that women have a particular nature? As we have heard saying people that his behaviour is manly, does the same is said to a female too? I mean, does people say that her behaviour is womanly? If women have a particular behaviour, than is it that they are well defined and can be distinctly differentiated from mainly behaviour? Well, if I want you to site some examples of womanly behaviour, what they might be?
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@vandana7 (68542)
• India
14 Sep 09
Hi triptibaby, I think womanly nature would be - being gentle, soft spoken, loving, and physically vulnerable. Problem is barring the physical vulnerability, same qualities are appreciable even in men! It is a different issue that what is expected is not there in either woman or man. lol. So the difference, I guess is only in so far as the physical vulnerability goes. And there, every woman is vulnerable. So saying women are not womanly enough just because she is not petite or does some jobs that are historically man's domain is something I cannot feign to understand.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
12 Sep 09
Hmm, I don't know about "nature" but I do know about stereotypes. Women are expected to take care of children, be the doting wife and take care of the husband, children, housework - everything. These days, even men do that. Some men are actually house-husbands. Some men cook, clean and take care of their kids. I don't think that there is any "nature" to it. The behavior and roles of men/women have changed over the years. Back in the 50s, you'd think one answer is, women wear make up and men don't. Today, even men wear make up. Oh, but I think a manly/womanly thing is would be...most women wear tampons/sanitary napkins or may have at some point in their lives. Men would never wear those.
@jugsjugs (13045)
12 Sep 09
Some women are rather manly as in a butch woman or a woman who is more like a tomboy.I know a few women who do not dress or look as well as act like a woman.Where as other women were clothes and make up as in to make their figure stand out.Ithink that it is ok to look how you want.
@kprofgames (3103)
• United States
12 Sep 09
I guess I'm at a loss here on how to discribe this because the roles of women and men have changed so much over the years. For instance, I cook, bake and like to be dressed nice, but I also like physical labor. I mow, chop down trees coming up around buildings and I've painted my house. I fix things, install new glass in windows, but that isn't deemed 'womanly' but I am a woman. I know men that are better cooks then their wives. I know men that are stay at home dads but years ago that wasn't considered 'manly' behavior. I think the saying of a person is womanly or manly is really out dated.