What woud you do if you see suddenly million dollars on your bank account?

September 12, 2009 4:10pm CST
"Oh boy, from PTC? Moommmyyy i got Payed!" --- i woud think
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• Philippines
13 Sep 09
hmmm, even if i have it and withdraw it, im sure the bank will going to look for me as every end of the month they have a monthly statement and if someone lost million from their account they will going to contact the bank about it. i used to work at the bank before as accountant thats why i know. if we encounter that kind of problem we will going to reconcile all the accounts to check the missing amount. and we all know that bank is a big institution, they can do anything to look for us and dig us wherever we are.
• Finland
18 Sep 09
..dont think even if i have even if i do ...Have it feel that you have it then who knows someday you might really get lucky..without problems from any other an account miss understanding i mean of course:)) i imagine money and checks really coming to me:)