What will you think if a friend ask you to make love with her/him?

September 13, 2009 3:32am CST
I was thinking about one thing. I know that some people are attract from they own friend. Sometimes it could be just the best friend. What will you think if your best friend ask you to make love with her/him? Do you think it will be different if he/she ask that because it is the first time?
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• United States
15 Sep 09
i actually was in this situation. My friend ask me and because of being married we both decided not to do this but then years later we just couldnt stop it any more and it happened. Was the most amazing time of my life!
• Belgium
15 Sep 09
Hum.... but you are married!!! It is a bif problem! And what now would you like to try again?
@janebeth (2033)
• Philippines
13 Sep 09
hi, if this will happen to me (hope it will never happen) i will surely stare to him with those shocking facial expression, and i will slap him totally, with all my strength and i will shout at him, maybe i will curse him.. and after that, it will change everything, our friendship.. i can't dare to have a friend like that..
• China
13 Sep 09
this is very phenomenonal among friends.i don't think it is a smart way to start a new stage in ur relationship.it usually results in ending a good friendship.love needs patience.as u a young guy,i recommend u take the luck as it comes.may u have a sweet love story.happy mylotting!
@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
13 Sep 09
this sounds like friends with benifits. not an area i'd like to go when there's more emotions envoled, it would change your whole friendship.
@gunagohan (3415)
• India
13 Sep 09
different people have different thoughts...some say that friendship can turn into love..some say that friendship should never turn to love...i have witnessed many friendships turning into deep love and ending up in marriage...according to me, a deep friendship cannot continue..because once if u marry, u have to spend ur life with ur life partner, u cannot spend much time with ur friend...so according to me, if anybody or any of my friend is telling me that they are in love with me, i will analyse for a while, if i am really interested, i will love them, for sure, if not for blank, i will deny.. happy to respond.. welcome to mylot.. happy mylotting...