help others

September 13, 2009 5:35am CST
In the world,there are many people need help.Old person need young man help them go through the road,and little kids need us take care of them. Everyone will meet many things they can not solve,so if we can,we should give a hand to them,just becanse we are person,and we have feelings. Also help others is a happy thing,it make us useful to anther,so if you meet someone is need help,please help him or her right now.
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@sunning (24)
• China
14 Sep 09
I cantnot agree with you anymore.we are all need other's help in this world.And we can do something little to help others.We can learn many things from this.Such as communication with all kinds of people,learn other's thoughts and fellings.
@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
13 Sep 09
I agree we need to help each other, to make our life more pleasant one, and our society a community of harmony. We are grateful to the help we got from others, and we do our best to help those in need of help. Meanwhile, we feel happy in the process for the contribution we make, and for the value we present.