What's your reason for breaking up with your exes?

September 14, 2009 5:09am CST
Most couples break-up because of frequent fights, but that is not the reason of the break-ups right? Is it because she gained 10 pounds? Is it because she is poor?
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@med889 (5958)
14 Sep 09
I broke up with an ex some three years ago because he did not like my career and as he was about to become a lawyer he was against my law career which I love a lot, he was imposing on me too much. This is the reason I broke up with him, and as far as the previous one before him are concerned then one was too jealous, the other one was in college who was in fact good to me but we don't know how we split up.
• Philippines
14 Sep 09
thanks for sharing :)
• Japan
23 Mar 10
It because he really want and willing to break up to,is not easy to choose the right thing in the time when the trouble come,my husband was falling love again with his friend in their work place i know a lot thing going wrong so i tell him if you want to make affair do it hurry then coming back for me because we have 2 children already,i do forgive him and willing to forget the thing if he want to make all thing to be better or start from the start,but guess he really want to be with her and don`t want to hurting me so he ask for separation i do love him i don`t one to leave him i know for sure that his new girlfriend just playing with him but he still want us to break up so...i move out with the children then now i found out that he was a lone the girl leave him and he was really up sad for it i do still love him here and now but all is ready over.and too sad to know that my children have to leave without their father.
• Philippines
13 Mar 10
I broke up with My ex bf because he got another woman pregnant! ouch!!! what an infidelity.. I cannot accept what he did so I decided to end the relationship. Funny, he ended up with the girl for good and I with my next bf..