Would you condemn someone you are not even acquainted with?

September 14, 2009 4:14pm CST
the father of my kids has this obnoxious ex girlfriend who until now tries to get even with us through his family. She has been harassing us since she learned that I bore him a child last year. She claims that we betrayed her for not telling her the truth about the status of our relationship. She made nasty lies about me and my children. She made sure that we get no chance of introducing my children to their grandparents. She brags that they will never accept me for I am not a Christian and that I have a child out of wedlock prior to our child. I am not close to this girl. We only met once or twice. I do not like her because she was rude the first time we met. I never liked her because she obviously did not want to talk to me but when the news about our baby came out she demanded that I should have told her. Why should I? The father of my baby never knew I was pregnant until the same day I gave birth. I never told a soul for fear of rejection. The father of my baby and I were never in a real relationship. We were just hanging out. So what is her right to condemn me like this? Does she have the right to know?
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@RebeccaLynn (2256)
• United States
14 Sep 09
Um NO. What happened between you and the Father of your' child should stay between you and him. You don't owe her anything. If he chooses to share with her, then fine but she has no right to demand anything of you. I would approach the grandparents without her knowledge and let them get to know you without her influence if you want them in your' child's life. She sounds like just another jealous girlfriend who can't let go of his past.
• United States
14 Oct 09
The answer is not no, but hell no!!! It is none of her buisness whether or not you have a child. She isnt even his current girlfriend she is an ex. She is just somebody who is not happy unless she is making domeone else miserable and has to create drama for herself and others. It is not up to her to decide whether or not your children get to see their grandparents. Have you spoken with the father of your children about this? Have you expressed to him a desire for the children to know their grandparents? Tell her to stay out of your life and if she keeps harrassiong you file a restraining order. You have legal remedies for her behavior. Anyway hope this helps. Remember you dont owe her anything. Any about the fear of rejection. You should never be ashamed of yourself or your kids.
@prinzcy (5049)
• Malaysia
14 Sep 09
Obviously the answer is no and no. It's obvious too the ex is jealous of you and will do anything to make sure you're not accepted by the father of your kid's family. Apparently you have a bond closer to him than him to her; your baby. Since you never meet the parents, you don't have to jump to any conclusion whether they'll accept you or not. But I am sure, they'll at least willing to see the face of their grandchild.