Payment from likaholix

September 15, 2009 9:35am CST
Hi all. I have 18$ at likaholix, last friday admin send me email: could you send me your paypal id so i can make payment for inviting friends?" I've send my paypal id him. And still i have not paid... What i have to do? is it scam?
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@vjsinduja (1035)
• Sri Lanka
15 Sep 09
Likaholix is not scam. They really pay their members. I have been paid once. You need to reach a minimum of $15 for u to get paid. Also they make payments only on fridays. It's ur fault that u didn't update ur profile at likaholix regarding payment method If u had enetered ur paypal id after u logged in or when asked during ur registration u would have been paid by now. I too earned $18 as the first pay out. But remember that, though they pay $18, u will only remain with $17 as $1 is deducted for paypal fee. To earn through referals at likaholix, u need to make sure ur referrers are from the following countries: USA,Europe, Australia,Africa India, China N Japan Also the referrers should be having a facebook account and should connect their fb account with likaholix. Then only u will earn $3. If not , u will not earn the referral bonus. Visit my blog to see the payment proof from likaholix Payments have made by : who is a owner of likaholix My blog:
• Lithuania
17 Sep 09
I got paid 17$ last night! :)
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• India
1 Oct 09
How to accosiate likaholix account in face book. Can you explain me.
@adz333 (176)
• India
28 Sep 09
Likaholix isn't scam I got paid two days ago.They only pay on friday.I got 15$. Cheers.Keep posting.
@sblossom (2170)
15 Sep 09
i think it's a scam. to a website if they pay you to your paypal account they would not let you doing it by yourself instead of sending emails to you. also i feel strange when i read the email you mentioned above. Why did they need you paypal for inviting friends? Paypal is an account to receive and send money, not for other meanings. maybe you can send a email to the person who sent you email and asked about your earnings. good luck.