hallow,guys,a new word

September 15, 2009 1:40pm CST
today i learnt a new word,so i will tell you the way for my study. i don't konw what the word "penalty" means when i read the title of some article.and the title is "the death penalty for robbery". youkonwrobberry,this word only has one meaning.we can konw about it easily by dictionary.but "penalty',this word has four meanings.comeparatively speaking,it is hard to know for us.don't be worried,we can konw well four setences which all have the word "penalty',as follows: 1there are now stiffer penalties for druken drivers. 2the penalty for spitting id 10 U.S dollars. 3the referee gave a penalty. 4he had to pay the penalties for telling lies. okay,the word penalty in the title"the death penalty" has the similar or the same meaning to the one in the first sentence. haha,um...you can see that i learnt a new word again.so happy~
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