do you fast

September 15, 2009 9:57pm CST
I mean do you stop your self from consuming food and drink during the day for some reason or another. I am asking this because I am a Muslim and now on my 26 day of fasting for this year Ramadan fasting. I have non Muslim friends that fast for different reason. Diet, detoxification, feeling guilty for the poor, want to see how it feel like to fast..... so do you fast?
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• Indonesia
16 Sep 09
Yes, I do fast. I'm a Muslim and I fast for religious reason. I started fasting at a relatively young age and now I get used to it. I don't feel extreme hunger or thirst because I take lots of liquid (milk, juices, water) during sahur and iftar so I don't suffer from dehydration. I live in a tropical country and my lips aren't even dry. Once you know the right nutrition, you'll stay healthy during fasting. Eid Mubarak!
• Malaysia
17 Sep 09
I agree with you. once you get use to it, you will be able to go thought the fasting days as any normal days only different you eat on the other half of the days. Salam to you also.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
16 Sep 09
I know that Muslims fast during the time of Ramazan. I have a friend who does all the fasting and prayers on time. I am a Christain and I am supposed to fast during the lent time. But, I am not doing it now a days because I have to go to work and I will be tired if I don't have enough food. Lent is for 40 days, but I try to maxium for atleast two weeks during the time. I fast on good Friday for sure.
• Malaysia
17 Sep 09
It is good to hear that you still try to fast to follow your religious believes
• United Arab Emirates
1 Apr 10
Christians just finished fasting and i did partake