Impersonation of living and dead

September 16, 2009 8:16am CST
One of my most recent nagging question about individuals who imitiate or impersonate people whom they dearly loved or admired during their life time, is to what extent can they go about to do so, and if in the process they loss or submerge their personality to emerge as an individual who is totally alien to the heither to established, accepted, and widely loved and understood individual?This is a live case of an Indian who went abroad to do his Master's in engineering, on successful completion married a white girl, back home he was a brilliant guy with lots of expections and so on. Today the same individual has little or almost negligible traits of the original personality that he was often indentified. Could this be some sort of personality disorder? Could it be something of the classical case of Three faces of Eve? I look for your comments.
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