my computer turns off!!!

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September 16, 2009 2:55pm CST
my computer just turns off without warning, its a slimline s7600n from hp. I recently installed windows xp proffessional SP2, and it went well. The problem started when I installed a game client by the name of Fiesta, an MMORPG. Now my computer doesnt turn of immediatly, but I could tell when it was going to turn off, it usually starts getting laggy and then becomes unresponsive.....BAM!!!! it turns off. I know that its definitly a bad sign, but I find it hard to belive that a game client can cause a computer to crash. Here are some of the things that I think could have caused the problem: manually installed video drivers: bad installation, not updated Virtual memmory changed: from 2047MB-9000MB Corrupted Client Video card malfunction: its a geforce 6500le built into the motherboard any and all suggestions are appreciated,oh and I cant reinstall windows until I get a backup hard drive
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16 Sep 09
First of all i hate to break the news for you but the MMORPG you downloaded probably has a virus on it and/ or it has a program on there for someone else to control your computer. That could explain why the computer just shuts down. some programs out there you can put a virus on the computer and if you have enough information you can gain access to that computer from an outside computer and all you need is a software downloaded or the virus itself getting directly into the controls of the computer. Best advice to give you because I had lime ware shut mine completely down. Windows vista is probably your best bet for security purposes. You can actually put in a protected password if you have a wifi internet access or have a wireless computer for others to gain access to your internet access. one thing though, if you change the system you might want to change out to a new hard drive which usually runs around 100 or more dollars depending on what you want. The thing which changing your hard drive out is that you have to partition the hard drives before you can install the newer systems onto your hard drive. This is mostly with windows vista. The best thing for you to do right now though is to go through and take everything off of there that you can possibly take off there and then do a virus scan or a registry scan to see what is on your computer. it will tell you definately for sure if it was something in the game yuo tried to put on. I would try to take every thing off on a back up system first though. The stuff that you know for sure would not have anything in it. Then run the scan and see what is adware, male ware, spy ware and so on. This will help, if you can't delete the program off, try deleting it off manually because I had a program of instant buzz that wasn't off my computer if when I uninstalled. If those things don't work try getting online to a technicians website that offers the first consult for free then after the first you pay for each one after that. I will tell you that it helped me to figure out what happened with me. The only thing was that the limewire completely wiped out my hard drive including the OS.
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17 Sep 09
The game is a legit one, but they could've added a virus to the download. For now, my only solution to this problem would be to reinstall windows, and then later on reinstall software one by one to determine the mallitious program. I currenly have freeware protection, so it doesn't provide much security.