what or who inspired you to go on with life

September 16, 2009 8:55pm CST
A lot says they inspired to go to work knowing that they need their salary to support their kids. some says they need to have dreams to inspired them in doing something. people have different inspiration in doing a certain things like their family, husband, kids, boyfriend/girlfriend and etc. how about you?
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• Philippines
19 Sep 09
my family and friends inspire me to go on in life.without them believing in me,I will feel helpless.I have dreams that inspire me to work hard.I have a widget displaying the pictures of things I want to have and want to achieve.life is difficult and complicated, but it is beautiful.
@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
19 Sep 09
Hey, Well I kind of inspired myself to get on with life, and maybe a few people on the Internet. Basically I think that the online friends that I have, are almost more friendlier than my real life friends, I have no idea why. Make sure you have a good day, Happy Lotting!!
• China
18 Sep 09
we are all ordinary people,so i have to work for my family. Thanks for your sharing
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
hello homeshoppers, yah and im one of them...first inspired me to go to work is to earn money but not for myself but in order for me to be able to help my family and relatives... and my boyfriend is also my inspirations making me happy all the time... but what inspired me most is, when i woke up every morning and keep on thinking to what this day will bring to me... :D guessing what will happen if i do this or that...
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
i love my job i work as a bassist in a band, it inspires me to do good more on my craft. i also have a wife and a son that makes me complete. with this reasons it inspires me to go on with life. even there are ups and down and even when it is tough.... it keeps me going. sharing life with someone you care so much and cares at you the same way is a life worth living
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 09
Hi...it was not different with me.My family been my inspiration.Especially my boy.I could imagine how is he without me.So,I have to keep strong to trough the life and I think,I have many duties to prepare my boy to face life and being success person.