Do you like little animals better?

September 16, 2009 9:37pm CST
Hi mylotters!Do you like animals?Yeah, i am the one who like animals very much.And i prefer little animals.Little animals like little cats,dogs and tigers look so cute that i can't help hugging them.Owing a little dog immediately aftering its birth is very exciting.I once owned a little dog which was abandoned by its mother.I feeded it up.Then we had a good time everyday.But now it have been missing and i have not found it for long and probably it has dead.That make hearbroken.Do you like little animals better?
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@amybrezik (2123)
• United States
17 Sep 09
I love all animals. Some little animals can be obnoxious. I certianly am not a fan of Rat Terriers. I do however, LOVE shih tzus and yorkies. Like you said they are sooo cute!
17 Sep 09
thats funny i own a rat terrier there cool but a little crazy, i also own a shepard and a boxer i love all sizes.
• Indonesia
17 Sep 09
of ocurse little animal is easier to raise than the bigger one except dog. i love dogs no matter what size they are:)) Why dot you send some picture of your dog in your neighbourhood? I do that thing, and that is work my little pup come back^^