Will you treat a friend to out of the country trip?

September 16, 2009 11:50pm CST
My family and I are planning to go to a out of a country trip again. It is another way for me and my husband to let our children learn about other people, their place, culture and faith. We are planning to bring along a very good friend with us. She travels a lot, too. We are planning to treat her. Will it be too much? Did you ever treat a good friend this much already?
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
17 Sep 09
I've never done it, simply because I don't have that much money yet, but if I do have the money I'd love to treat a friend to a trip abroad, especially someone who has travelled a lot already. It would be good to have someone around whom you trust and knows how to get around. But most of all it feels great to treat a friend (not just some random friend though, it would be a friend that's really really close to me.)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
of course not, its very expensive to treat a friend unless they will buy theri own ticket and share to pay the hotel. i guess sharing but not to treat. might be for meals but not for a trip. im not that rich lol
@agirnow (158)
• France
17 Sep 09
I have never done it, but if I had the means and a good friend who wanted to come (especially if they couldn't afford it otherwise), I would do it in a heart beat. It is always wonderful to travel with good company... I would make sure she is a good travel buddy because if she is not, you will regret it for a looooooong time. My family took me to Europe after I graduated high school (they had been promising me since I was 3 and they were college kids with two babies and couldn't make it through a month, so it was a really big deal for us)... anyhow, they took my friend along (her parents paid for her) and she was a horrible travel buddy, she didn't want to be a tourist and only wanted to go shopping or watch tv in the hotel and she made the trip way less enjoyable than it could have been... my mom always tells me that she should have tried to pay for my best friend to come because she would have been a much better partner and worth the money.... I am not longer friends with that other girl.