Did you check the availability of the movie first before going to the cinema?

September 17, 2009 12:12am CST
My friend asked me to check on the internet regarding a certain movie she wanted to see if it is available on the mall near their place. Unlucky it is not. But on the next town. Have you done it? Check first if it being shown on certain cinema via internet? Or just go directly to the cinema and see if it is available?
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@dknkyle (447)
• Singapore
17 Sep 09
I would always check on the Internet and newspaper to see if that particular I intend to watch is available at any of the cinemas nearby by place or city area so that I won't waste a trip to just go over to any of the cinemas if that particular movie I intend to watch is not showing at the cinemas I went to. I will only make a trip to the cinema without checking the availability of the movies when I am already out of home and happens to be nearby any cinemas and just feel like catching a movie.
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• Philippines
17 Sep 09
It is good to know if it is available first before going to the place. Yah, to be always sure save a lot of time and effort.
@youless (93535)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Sep 09
There is a nice cinema nearby my home and I can check the movie schedule via the net easily. So if we are going to watch a movie there, I will check which movies are available right now. It is very convenient. I love China
• Indonesia
18 Sep 09
Yes, I always check the availabilty of the movies online on the cinema's website. My city is dominated with 2 cinema chain, and both of their websites are reliable on updating their movies schedule. Either way, you can check the local newspaper or by SMS which also displays the movie schedule.
@geebobuk (135)
17 Sep 09
I usually check the times first on the internet. Then if it is during the daytime I just go to my local cinema as it is never full during working hours. If it is an evening showing and it is a new release I sometimes check but often still go. I think sometimes it depends where you live, and how many cinemas there are nearby, as to whether you need to check.
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
My brother does that... check on the internet first what movie is being played in the nearest mall... but in my case... i check when i am already in the mall which is all the time... and try to remember the the time when it will be shown... so that i will know when to go to the mall on the day i will watch...