read me.

@resssaaa (445)
September 17, 2009 5:04am CST
Whenever my voice flings arrows your way at a fiery place, Read, discover that there is something in me that is dies to go gentle. For when I viscously tangle you trying t throw you off course, Inside, I am raring to cover you, take you, become all of me fire and fluid. When I try to lord it over, empowered, It is because inside I am already slave groveling ready to heed your bidding, crawling waves lapping you up seashore hillocks sky all the way up, all drool and drivel. And when I insolently seek out pulpits to mount my gospel truths, I am really one humped question mark, thrashing about for your steadying light. And when I try to light you up whole, There is really a part of your flame I would want extinguished to die rekindled in me alone, and when I am wind taking roots in your solid ground, I am roots as well ready to take flight upon your solid wings. When I prance around proud in times square, I am a child carousing in the greener fringes of the heart's final roosting. READ this idiolect, READ WELL, DECODE, DETECT.. "and love me when I seem to hate" Ophelia Dimalanta - Discover the meaning of this poem. I soooo love this! Discover this meaning and you would discover me. And a pretty weird person I am. The poem says it all. lol :)
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