do you have any interest in cooking

@ravich (243)
September 17, 2009 2:32pm CST
hi every one will have a favorite dish of their choice. do you know cooking? have you tried it any time? how did you feel when you had your food prepared by your self? i have a hobby of cooking. i feel very happy to cook for some one. every one survive because of food air and water and its a imbalanced state if at least one is not satisfactory we cannot have a dirty water cannot have bad air in in the same way we cannot have bad food. more tastier the food more we take. i felt very happy when my friends apprise for the food i have prepared..... my mom is my best guide...from whom i learned to cook. it helped me a lot when i stayed away from my parents for my education ...there is no other alternative other than cooking for my self i have done that for 4 year i am perfect at cooking...share your opinions with me
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• Philippines
17 Oct 09
Yup, I love to cook most of the times and I may become tired of doing the household chores but not in terms of cooking. I am a hands on and personally do my cooking. I learn to cook by assisting my father or mother while they are cooking. Until, I try to cook it by myself and master all types of cooking which appeal to me. Their is a rewarding feelings you got after you cook, your family compliments your delicious cooking and it is a great feelings being appreciate it boast one pride to become more inspired to cook and to share more.
• India
17 Sep 09
Hi Ravich i too like cooking , My Favorite dish is Chicken. I am Away From my home From past 7 years For my education , and my parents stay in a village . So i dont have a other Option. I learned Cooking By seeing Other Friends and also my mother. I Would also Be happy When Someone apprise me i shall Feel happy And Try to cook Much better next Time.